About Scars

ScarsScars tend to form when the skin is going through its natural healing process and can vary considerably in depth and size.

People's skin can react differently to scars, so their appearance can differ between individuals.

While the scar is forming, it will appear red and sore but will start to fade as the injury starts to heal.

If more surface skin is missing, the scar will appear larger, but if the injury was stitched, it will likely appear as a thin and pale line.

Most scars will not create any pain but can be unsightly, making treatment for scars especially difficult.

There are some treatments available such as silicone patches, gels and vitamin E oils, which Terry White Chemists will be able to advise on.


See your pharmacist as soon as possible, as new scars can respond to treatment better than those which have been present for a long time.

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