Solosite Soothing Hydrating Healing Gel 50g

Solosite gel is a soothing hydrogel which creates a moist wound environment that aids healing and minimises the risk of scarring. The gel is suitable for minor burns, sunburn, softening dry or hard tissue in wounds, soothing and hydrating chickenpox sores.



Description and use

It is easily applied and removed, with gentle irrigation being all that is required for removal. The unique thick formula of the gel lasts longer on the wound to avoid reapplying. Effectively soothes minor burns & scalds . Soothes & hydrates sunburn & chickenpox. Helps promote a moist wound healing environment. Hydrates wounds with dry areas.


For intact skin or where superficial skin loss exists - apply directly to the affected site. For open wounds - apply gel onto the general area of the wound bed and cover with a secondary dressing. Cleanse the wound with saline or a suitable cleansing solution. Cover the affected area with Solosite Gel (approximately 5mm thick). Where practical, cover the wound & the gel with a film or non-stick dressing. Change daily or as directed to prevent drying out of the gel. For chickenpox & sunburn reapply on a regular basis to prevent the wound from drying out.

Storage and Disposal

Use within 3 months of opening. Store below 25°C. Do not use if seal is broken.


For external use only. If condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days consult a doctor.