Sambucol Kids Cough Liquid 120ml

Cough relief, mucous, immunity, sambucol



Description and use

Sambucol Kids Cough Liquid combines Ivy Leaf and Elderberry to provide mucous & chesty cough relief with a liquid that your kids will love! This all natural cough liquid helps relieve a cough by helping to break down mucous congestion in the chest to encourage clear and easy breathing.


2-4 yrs: 2.5ml 2 times per day 4-12 yrs: 5ml 2 times per day 12 yrs +: 5ml 3 times per day

Active Ingredients

Hedera helix leaf (Ivy leaf) ext. dry conc. Sambucus nigra (Black Elderberry) fruit juice dry. Equiv. to fresh fruit juice

Storage and Disposal

Once opened keep tightly sealed and store in a cool dry place below 25°C