Phisohex Anti-Bacterial Wash 500ml

Help tackle acne and pimples with pHisohex Anti-Bacterial Wash. Knock out the bacteria, dirt and oil that help bring on acne and pimples with pHisohex.



Description and use

The pHisohex difference is its powerhouse ingredient, triclosan - the scientifically-proven weapon against the two main types of bacteria associated with acne and pimples. pHisohex fights bacterial growth on the skin and helps remove dirt and oil from blocked pores. It's strong stuff, and smart as well – because it’s also pH-balanced, it won't dry out your skin.


Squeeze enough pHisohex into the palm of the hand to cover a 20c coin. Gently massage over the skin, concentrating on problem areas, avoiding the eyes. Rinse then pat dry. Use 3 times daily or as required.

Active Ingredients

Triclosan (10mg/mL), Sodium benzoate (5mg/mL), Benzyl Alcohol (5mg/mL).