Nurofen 200mg - 48 tablets

Nurofen 200mg tablets provide effective relief of pain and inflammation. Nurofen tablets are convenient to take and provide fast results.



Description and use

Nurofen 200mg tablets provide effective relief of headache, dental pain, acute pain where inflammation is present, period pain, pains associated with common colds and arthritis pain. Each tablet contains Ibuprofen 200mg and also contains sucrose.


Adults & children over 12 yrs: initial dose 2 caplets or tablets taken with water, then if necessary 1-2 caplets or tablets every 4 hours. Do not exceed 6 in 24 hours. Not to be given to children under 12 yrs.

Active Ingredients


Storage and Disposal

Store Below 25°C.


Nurofen should not be taken by patients with a stomach ulcer or other stomach disorder. Patients receiving regular treatment with other medication should be advised to consult their doctor before taking Nurofen. Asthma sufferers & anyone allergic to aspirin should only take Nurofen after consulting their doctor. It is recommended that Nurofen should not be taken during pregnancy except under medical supervision. Do not use during the last 3 months of pregnancy. Caution: this preparation is for the relief of minor & temporary ailments & should be used strictly as directed. Prolonged use without medical supervision could be harmful.