Novalac Infant Formula Reflux 0-12 Months 800g

Novalac Reflux formula can help manage infant reflux by keeping the stomach contents down and protecting the oesophagus from acidity. It is liquid in the bottle, but thickens when it reaches the stomach. MAXIMUM 2 CANS PER ORDER.

Description and use

Novalac Reflux infant milk formula is specially formulated to help manage reflux in babies. It contains a customised form of corn-starch, that makes it easy for your baby to drink, but thickens when it reaches your baby’s stomach. This thickening helps to prevent reflux. Novalac Reflux is easily digestible and is nutritionally complete which means that it can be used even when the reflux symptoms improve. For best results, ensure the mixing instructions are followed carefully. Novalac Reflux is nutritionally complete and can be used even when reflux has resolved.


Novalac Reflux is not suitable for general use and should be used under medical supervision.