Nicorette Inhalator 15mg - 20 cartridges

The Nicorette Inhalator releases nicotine into your mouth when you inhale. The nicotine is then absorbed through the lining of your mouth and enters the bloodstream. The nicotine is sufficient to relieve unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and to decrease the cravings for smoking. By enabling you to replace nicotine in a way that mimics the act of smoking, NICORETTE Inhalator can help you quit. So if you think you’ll miss the physical habit of the hand to mouth action of a cigarette, it could be a great match for you.


Recommend as a guide using them by gradually reducing the number of cartridges you use every day. How to use: (1) When you feel the urge to smoke, draw on the Inhalator mouthpiece. (2) The replaceable nicotine cartridge releases nicotine into your system. (3) Each cartridge will provide you with about 40 minutes of use.