Naturopathica Reducta 40 tablets

Dieting Can Be Hard! Trying to eat less can be difficult. Everyone has a favourite food or snack, so staying disciplined and achieving your diet can be really hard. Suppressing your appetite and reducing your hunger can make dieting easier! To help: reduction of appetite ; reduction of snacking & portion control.



Description and use

Reducta Appetite Suppressant is : stimulant free, non prescription, scientifically formulated, certified organic, 100% natural. How Reducta works: Palented Plant Extract - Caralluma fimbriata is a patented special plant extract derived from a succulent found in the wilds of southern and western India. Traditional Medicine - The caralluma plant has been used traditionally for centuries as an appetite suppressant, endurance and stamina enhancer and also as a tonic during times of famine. Scientifically Studied - Preliminary scientific studies have found that Caralluma may assert appetite suppressant effects by enhancing satiely communication from the gut to the brain ( through the hormone Leptin ). It has been proposed that Leptin is involved in regulating perception of satiety and it is through this mechanism that Caralliuma is thought to assert its appetite suppressing effects. The protein Leptin acts on receptors in the hypothalamus of the brain, where it is believed to inhibit appet


Adults : for appetite suppression: Take 1 tablet morning & evening 30 minutes before meals. Always use in conjunction with a healthy, energy-controlled diet and exercise program.

Storage and Disposal

Store Below 25°C.


This product has been blister sealed for your protection. Do not use if blistering is broken or damaged. Keep out of reach of children.