Manicare Eyelash Curler 1 pack

This eyelash curler has a super long-lasting rubber pad that provides superior cushioning for lashes. Has a special silicone formulation to ensure lashes do not stick to the rubber and a lever spring for releasing the curler in one easy action. Comes with spare silicone rubber pad.



Description and use

An eye lash curler that gently creates natural curl to your lashes in one easy step. Eyelash curler that gives long lasting natural curls. For a more dramatic look, walk the curler up your lashes pumping it one or two more times until you reach the tips.


Always curl clean, bare & dry lashes to prevent lashes from sticking to the rubber pad. Open curler and position as close as possible to your upper lid without pinching the skin. Keeping eyes open, gently squeeze the curler closed. Hold for approximately 30 seconds. Apply mascara after curling to set lashes. Do not attempt to use on bottom lashes.