L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Restoring Day Cream SPF15 - 50ml

Advanced regenerating action for radiant skin, full of life.

Description and use

YOUR SKIN WITH AGE: Year after year, cellular renewal slows down. Mother cells, the source of new skin cells, become less active and fewer new cells are created. The skin loses its vitality. Discover a highly regenerative skincare. Inspired by 20 years of research, Natecium is an active ingredient of natural origin which helps protect the mother cells to favour intense cellular regeneration. Age Perfect Cell Renewal helps accelerate the creation of new cells, day after day. Your skin gains vitality, tone and radiance for a healthy look. This highly regenerative cream also contains: - Pro-Calcium: a bio-compatible complex designed to strengthen the skin, day after day. - SPF 15: to help protect the skin against the harmful e’ects of UV rays. RESULTS: HELPS TO CREATE NEW CELLS DAY AFTER DAY, FOR RADIANT SKIN, FULL OF LIFE. The skin regains new vitality and is perfectly hydrated. Immediately,the skin is soft, supple and comfortable. Day after day, skin is regenerated, plumper, radiant an


Apply every morning on your freshly cleansed face and neck. Avoid contact with your eye area.


Avoid contact with your eye area.