Klorane Shampoo With Quinine 400ml

Fortifying Shampoo with Quinine & B Vitamin 400ml

Description and use

Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins is designed for thinning hair or as complement to hair loss treatments. It strengthens the keratin and maintains healthy hair growth thanks to the combined action of vitamins B and quinine which is traditionally known for its strengthening properties to restore thickness and energy to thinning lifeless hair. Silicone-free sulphate-free.


Apply to wet hair. Work into a lather and then rinse. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly.

Active Ingredients

• Extract of Quinquina (rich in quinine): maintains healthy thick hair for fuller head of hair
• Vitamin B5: hydrates and fortifies the hair shaft
• Vitamin B6: strengthens keratin regulates sebum secretion
• Vitamin B8: increases metabolic energy
• Glycerin: moisturises
• Detangling agent
• Gentle cleansing base