John Plunkett Superfade Accelerator 15ml

Superfade Accelerator is formulated to rapidly enhance the fading results of Superfade Cream or Superfade Face Cream. Increased penetration from combining the exfoliation action of a blend of exfoliators including glycolic acid with cytovector technology produces faster results.



Description and use

Superfade Accelerator is the adjunct product not the treatment product. It will help speed up the treatment time period of Superfade Face OR Superfade Cream. FEATURES - Formulated to rapidly enhance the results of Superfade Cream or Superfade Face Cream; Shortens treatment time; Exfoliates pigmented cells; New Cytovector technology for superior intracellular penetration; Soothing Aloe Vera base. BENEFITS - Decreases treatment time-frame; Promotes new unpigmented skin growth; Soothes, hydrates and repairs; Can also be used with Eventone Lightening Cream.


After cleansing, apply to affected area each night. Allow to dry before applying Superfade Cream or Superfade Face Cream. This product may make skin more sensitive to sunlight, so we recommend a sunscreen with SPF30+, such as Superfade UV Hand Shield or Superfade UV Day Shield.