Invite E Vitamin E Cream Tube 100g

Invite E Cream is an emollient-rich, deep moisturising and healing cream specially formulated with 25,000 international units of concentrated VITAMIN E. Vitamin E is necessary for healing dry and damaged skin, and can be used to prevent moisture loss and nourish dehydrated skin.



Description and use

It also assist in promoting cell regeneration in scar tissues, minimising scarring and cell damages. The natural antioxidant and nourishing properties in Vitamin E fight free-radical and helps protect cell membranes, improves skin elasticity and help guard against the visible sign of ageing. Invite E cream provides an effectives topical treatment against dry facial skin, wrinkles and premature ageing. Ideal for the Treatment and Management of: Scar tissue, Stretch marks, Dry cracked skin, Minor burns, Sunburn, Skin irritations & abrasions, Skin rashes, Nappy rash, Invite E also helps protect against premature ageing.


Burns, Abrasions and skin Rashes: Apply cream to the affected area at least twice a day and cover with lint or gauze if necessary.

Storage and Disposal

Store Below 30°C.


Seek medical advice for more serious skin conditions. If irritation develops discontinue use.