Imodium 2mg - 20 capsules

IMODIUM* 2mg capsules for effective relief from the symptoms of diarrhoea including loose stools, stomach cramping and pain.



Description and use

IMODIUM* acts to restore normal bowel function. Imodium allows you to continue your planned daily activities with confidence.


Take 2 capsules initially, followed by 1 capsule after each loose unformed stool as needed.

Active Ingredients

Loperamide hydrochloride 2mg

Storage and Disposal

Below 30°C. Protect from light.


Do not use: If perforated section is broken or missing, or if blister foil is broken. Ifyou are under 12 years of age.


If you have previously had a rash or allergic reaction to products containing loperamide.


If you have a medical condition where constipation should be avoided.

Ask your doctor / pharmacist before use if:

You are pregnant or breastfeeding.


You have a fever, severe stomach pain, wood in your stools, or on-going medical condition affecting the bowel.



If diarrhoea persists beyond 48 hours, seek medical advice as soon as possible.


Drink plenty of fluids as fluid and electrolyte depletion may occur.


If dehydration is suspected seek medical attention.