Gillette Fusion Manual 1 Up Razor 1 PACK

Gillette Fusion Power Cartridge has a 5 blade shaving surface along with 1 precision trimmer.

Description and use

5 Blades: 5 blades spaced closer together help to supply a closer and more comfortable shave than MACH3.Microfins: Soft microfins help to stretch the skin ahead of the first blade.Lubrastrip: The lubrastrip delivers water soluble lubricants to the skin for incredible glide.Precision Trimmer: The single blade built into the back of the cartridge allows to shave tricky places like sideburns and under the nose.


For best results power up with the Fusion Power razor.

Active Ingredients

PEG-115M PEG-7M PEG-100 Tocopheryl Acetate BHT Aloe Barbadensis Vitis Vinifera Persea Gratissima


Please do not move the razor horizontally or touch the blade-edge with hand to avoid cut. Keep out of reach of children.