Gastro-Stop Diarrhoea Relief Loperamide 2mg - 20 capsules

Provides effective relief from Diarrhoea.



Description and use

When taken with adequate fluids, Gastro Stop provides relief from the symptoms of diarrhoea including loose motions, cramps and associated pain. It allows you to proceed with your normal routine and holiday/business plans.


ADULT DOSAGE: INITIAL DOSE: 2 capsules with water FOLLOW UP DOSE: 1 capsule with water after each loose bowel motion as needed. DO NOT: Exceed 8 capsules per day. Use beyond 48 hours.

Storage and Disposal

Protect from light. Store below 30°C.


DO NOT: Give to children under 12 years of age. Exceed 8 capsules per day. Use beyond 48 hours. Use in pregnancy or lactation except on doctors advice. If you have had a fever or notice blood in your stools consult a doctor before taking. If diarrhoea persists seek a doctors advice.