Fess Little Noses Saline Nasal Drops And Aspirator 25ml

Fess Little Noses is a non-medicated saline in easy to use drops for newborns and babies which provides relief of dry or blocked noses. Gentle drops to loosen and thin nasal mucus. Helps clear nasal congestion. Non-medicated.



Description and use

Helps clear nasal congestion. Gentle drops to loosen and thin nasal mucus. Non-medicated, easy to use drops. Includes 25ml dropper bottle and aspirator. Fess Little Noses is suitable from the day baby is born.


1 to 3 drops can be instilled as often as needed. Nasal Drops - Lie baby on back and tilt head back. Gently remove excess mucus. Hold the bottle upside down and squeeze drops into each nostril. Hold baby in this position for 1-2 minutes to give the saline time to thin the mucus. Alternatively the bottle may be used upright as a spray. Nasal Aspirator - After instilling the drops, use the Nasal Aspirator tog gently clean loosened mucus without the harshness of tissues. Hold the aspirator away from the baby's nose and squeeze the bulb to allow the air to escape. Carefully place the soft tip of the aspirator at the entrance to the baby's nostril. Hold both nostrils shut and gently let the air back into the bulb. Repeat on the other nostril. Squeeze the mucus out of the aspirator onto a tissue. After each use, wash the nasal aspirator, rinse and air dry.

Active Ingredients

Contains 9mg/mL Sodium Chloride. Benzalkonium Chloride as preservative.


Never push the nasal aspirator into the nostril and do NOT squeeze the aspirator when it is already at the entrance to the baby's nostril. Keep the aspirator out of reach of children. If congestion persists, see your healthcare professional.