Ferro Iron 28 sachets

Ferro-Sachets contain tiny granules of microencapsulted iron in liposomal form with folic acid Vitamin C and Vitamin B12



Description and use

Ferro-sachets contain microencapsulated iron in liposomal form that travels through the acidic stomach environment generally unaffected. Therefore the iron reaches the small intestine where it is easily absorbed reducing stomach upset diarrhoea nausea or other digestive issues.Source of iron folic acid and vitamin B12. Iron is necessary for the formation of haemoglobin which transports oxygen to the tissues. Can assist in maintaining normal blood. May assist in the management of dietary iron and dietary vitamin B12 deficiency. Also contains vitamin C to aid iron absorption.


1 sachet daily into the mouth. No water required. Can also be dissolved in water or fruit juice.

Active Ingredients

Lipofer NA dispersible A (microencapsulated iron pyrophosphate equivalent to 14 mg of elemental iron)

Storage and Disposal

Store below 25°C. Protect from moisture


Phenylketonurics are warned that this product contains aspartame (phenylalanine). Keep out of reach of children. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. GLUTEN: contains maltodextrin. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.