Energizer AAA Lithium Batteries L92BP4T - 4 pack

Energizer Lithium Batteries 4 AAA.

Description and use

Energizer Ultimate Lithium lasts longer in digital devices Vs standard Alkaline. Lightweight, performs in even the most extreme temperatures. 100% leak resistant. The world's longest lasting AAA Battery for High Tech devices. Ideal for digital cameras, remote gaming consoles,wireless computer devices,portable audio devices,portable Tv's,camera flash,film cameras,high end flash lights,medical devices. A lithium battery can out perform an alkaline battery by up to 8 times. Lithium batteries offer a higher voltagethan Alkaline and Carbon Zinc batteries (3volts vs 1.5Volts) They are ideal for devices that require a great deal of power in a short period of time. For this reason, Lithium batteries are highly suited to very high drain devices.


Refer to your device instruction manual to correctly remove and replace battery as required.

Active Ingredients

Lithium Iron

Storage and Disposal

Keep unused batteries out of reach of children and pets. Please dispose of used batteries thoughtfully.


Keep opened batteries from packet and old batteries that have been replaced from your device out of reach from children and pets at all times.