Comvita Fresh Picked Olive Leaf Extract Natural 500ml

Olive Leaf Extract Natural is used for fever relief and to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. The fresh-picked 100% Natural Olive Leaf Extract has 400% more antioxidant power than the equivalent of Vitamin C.



Description and use

The liquid extract in this bottle contains a range of very powerful cell-protecting antioxidants and is made directly from fresh-picked olive leaves. Grown and made in Australia.


Adults take up to one 5ml teaspoonful three times a day with food (or about 7ml twice a day). Children take half adult dose. helpful Hints: You may use the extract straight, mixed with juice, or by adding it to your food. It can be beneficial for certain conditions to swill liquid in mouth for five seconds prior to swallowing.

Active Ingredients

Main Active Component: Oleuropein (standardised to 5000mg/ml). Each 5ml bottle is equivalent to 5 grams of fresh Olea Europaea (Olive) leaf.

Storage and Disposal

Store Below 30°C.


Use as directed.