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30th August 2012

Active Ingredient - it's what's on the inside that counts

We all know it's what's on the inside that counts and when it comes to your medications, it's no different.

It is the active ingredient inside your medication which does the hard work tackling illness and helping you manage chronic or acute conditions.

While the active ingredient and strength of one brand of medication may be the same as the next, it may look different. That's why it's always a good idea to speak to your Terry White Chemists pharmacist.

Get to know the active ingredient in the medications you're taking and take charge of your health. And remember "Active ingredients - it's what's on the inside that counts."

If you're not sure, or you would like to know more, speak to one of our pharmacists or book an appointment for a medication review.


14th August 2012

Helping the community to hear better this Hearing Awareness Week

Australian Hearing and Terry White Chemists are joining forces in support of Hearing Awareness Week to encourage the community to take action and have a hearing check.

Consultants from Australian Hearing will visit Terry White Chemists to offer free hearing screenings. It’s estimated around 5,000 people will take up the offer to have their hearing checked nationally.

According to Australian Hearing Ambassador and medical media personality Dr John D’Arcy, hearing loss is a common issue for older Australians.

“Sixty per cent of those over 60 have a hearing loss and for those over 70, it skyrockets to 70 per cent,” Dr John said.

“Getting your hearing checked is an easy way to learn more about your hearing and what can be done to help. Consider your hearing as you do having your blood pressure checked. It’s so important.”

For Dr John, having a hearing screening was the first step in doing something about his own hearing, with the results leading him to be fitted with a hearing aid.

“It’s taken away the fatigue of listening. I don’t have to struggle hard to appreciate what people are saying. That’s the biggest thing for me as my hearing aid has removed that fatigue.”

Last year, Terry White Chemists and Australian Hearing conducted more than 4,000 hearing screenings across Australia. One in four people screened during the 2011 program were identified as having a hearing-related issue and were referred for further assessment.

Terry White Chemists Chief Executive Officer Anthony White said the partnership was an example of ways in which health professionals could work together to improve access to vital community health services.

“If you make these services easy to access people will be quick to embrace them. They are interested in their health but are time poor so convenience makes an enormous difference in terms of convincing them that this is something worth doing and that something as simple as a hearing screening can make a genuine difference to their lives,” Mr White said.

For more information or to book a free hearing screening, visit or pop into your local Terry White Chemists.


19th July 2012


You share everything with the ones you love most and sometimes that even includes winter coughs, colds and flu.

Cool dry air contributes to winter illness, allowing viruses to flourish and thrive. When it comes to your family and friends, co-workers, and even strangers, a casual approach to hygiene sees these viruses spread easily from one person to the next. These tips will help keep germs at bay:

  1. Make good hygiene your friend whether at home or at work and wash hands regularly especially after eating.
  2. Use a hand sanitiser to kill the majority of germs and keep some in your car and your purse for on-the-go protection and convenience.
  3. Good cough etiquette will help ensure you're not sharing any germs you may already have. A cough or sneeze can send viruses travelling more than two metres so cover your mouth or nose with a tissue or hankie to avoid airborne transmission.
  4. Remember these basic seasonal survival strategies and speak to your pharmacist to find out how you can avoid seasonal cough, cold and flu.

It's good to know at Terry White Chemists we know how to stop germs in their tracks and help protect you and your family this winter.

5th July 2012


For most of us, there comes a time when regularly taking medication becomes a part of our lives. The rapid pace of modern life means it's easy to forget what to take and when.

To keep your daily routine as uncomplicated and stress free as possible, Terry White Chemists can offer you a safe and simple medication management solution with no more guesswork for you or your loved ones - take the right medication at the right time, every time. Talk to your friendly pharmacist in store today to find out more.

31st May 2012


Winter plays havoc with your body's defence system and your skin is no exception. The largest organ in the body, your skin is a frontline barrier against the elements and a good indicator of overall health.

At Terry White Chemists, we know hot showers are comforting on a cold winter's morning, but they strip your skin of important naturally-occurring oils necessary for protection. While cosying up in front of the fire is perfect for romance, indoor heating depletes skin of moisture leaving it patchy, flaky and something irritated with hair and nails becoming dry and brittle.

Here are a few simple tips to ensure adequate nourishment for your skin, hair and nails this winter:

  1. Keep the heat to a minimum using warm or tepid water to minimise damage to the skin's protective layer.
  2. Be gentle on skin using Ph balanced soap alternatives - perfect for year round use and beneficial for combating dry skin.
  3. Replenish with a moisturiser which acts as a barrier against the elements and a daily multi-vitamin which may offer assistance where your diet is lacking.

It's good to know your professional Terry White Chemists team is on hand to assist with tips and advice for protecting you and your family throughout winter.

17th May 2012


At Terry White Chemists, we know cooler weather heralds the arrival of seasonal influenza and will likely drive an increase in the common cold and other illnesses.

The cold may aggravate pre-existing conditions like arthritis and eczema with sufferers turning to over-the-counter relief to ease symptoms.

Even those who are otherwise well may become bothered by dry skin, brittle hair as a result of hot showers and heating, or a feeling of general lethargy brought on by shorter days and long stints indoors.

It's good to know that Terry White Chemists makes your health our number one priority and we're always on hand with trusted advice to help you manage acute and chronic winter conditions and troubles.

From medicinal over-the-counter remedies to natural therapies, Terry White Chemists stocks a range of great value options to support the health of you and your family this winter.

Whatever the season, it's good to know our trained pharmacy teams are available with advice and guidance to see you through.



21st March 2012

Terry White Chemists' Perfume Place is your destination for great value and an exclusive range of quality men's and women's fragrance. Find your signature scent or ideal fragrance gift among our variety of popular, prestige, celebrity and all time favourite ranges, with prices to suit any budget.


26th January 2012

At Terry White Chemists, we go to great lengths to ensure you stay in good health. From the trusted advice of our phamacists to the friendly service of our fabulous pharmacy teams, you know we're always here to help. Our wide range of products and services includes our popular Heart Health Screenings during which we will assess, measure and report on your key risk factors for heart disease.

At Terry White Chemists your health is our number one priority.

That's why we're excited to bring you Terry White Chemists Clinic, an innovative and convenient new approach to healthcare. With Terry White Chemists Clinic you can now expect a little bit more from your pharmacy. Think of our new Clinic as your new in-store health destination with easy access to a range of key services, including our Heart Health Screenings, all under the one roof.

It's good to know that at Terry White Chemists Clinic we have private consulation areas available so you can speak freely and in confidence. From blood pressure monitoring and cholesterol screening through to quit smoking advice, asthma management and more, your Terry White Chemists Clinic team is here to assist.

1st December 2011

Terry White Chemists now offer a free & convenient baby weigh service to help you monitor your baby's growth. Our friendly pharmacists and staff are on hand to answer bundles of questions about your bundle of joy, such as;

  • Teething
  • Rashes
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Fever/Pain Relief
  • Mothercare

Talk to your local Terry White Chemists pharmacist or staff member today. No appointments necessary.

20th October 2011

Your heart will beat roughly 3 billion times during the average life span. It's an incredibly hard-worker and worth a little maintenance and monitoring.

With heart disease Australia's number one killer, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your heart is as healthy as it can be;

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Make positive lifestyle choices such as ensuring regular exercise, avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol consumption.

The new Terry White Chemists Heart Health Program is another simple way to screen for any signs of trouble and keep track of the health of your heart. Book a '20 minute heart to heart' with your pharmacist for a cholesterol, blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI) screening at your local Terry White Chemists store.

We'll support you on your journey to stay in good health.